Returns & Exchanges

If you determine at pickup that the product you get is substantially different from what was advertised – for example, such as major difference in size or condition or description, you have the option to return the item on the spot (without it leaving ArtNewCo hands). If this is the case, you may take a full refund back to your purchase method or a 100% credit back towards future purchases.

All of the product photos are of the actual product you are getting. The pictures are a key part of the description for an item, including its content and condition. If you have any questions about a product or need to see extra pictures, please let us know before you purchase an item.

ArtNewCo’s founders are doing this because we enjoy decorating and art, and we understand that your needs or tastes may change over time, or that a painting you thought would be perfect in one location just does not quite fit. Therefore, we offer an art trade-in program for all of our customers:

  1. If the art item does not match the description and photos, you may return it for 100% payment refund to your credit card if you contact us within 48 hours of receipt of item by email to with a written description of the issue plus photographs if helpful.
  2. Return an art item within 5 days of purchase and get back 85% in store credit (90% on items of $500 or more).
  3. Return an art item within 15 days of purchase and get back 80% in store credit (85% on items of $500 or more).
  4. Return an art item within 16 – 34 days of purchase and get back 67% in store credit (75% on items of $500 or more).
  5. Return an art item within 35 – 180 days of purchase and get back 50% in store credit.
  6. Return and art item within 181 – 400 days of purchase and get back 40% in store credit (50% on items of $500 or more).

“Buy and Try” – ArtNewCo offers a special program to qualified customers that if you let us know in advance (and we approve) then if you buy multiple art items in a single order (or multiple orders combined for a single agreed upon pickup date) you can return a sub-portion of the items for up to 100% exchange as store credit. Under “Buy and Try” you get 15% better exchange rates than above (100% within 5 days, 95% within 15 days, etc., but not to exceed 100% credit back) for all periods 5 – 400 days after purchase*. To be eligible, the total purchases for pickup must be 2-3 items to get the higher exchange rate for 1 item, and above that (4 items or more) you can return up to one half of your order at these higher return exchange rates. Please contact us to discuss this or other arrangements. We will work with you, as we encourage taking art home to try it out.

*Please note that the item must be in essentially the same condition as it was at the time of purchase to eligible for the returns (or discounted exchanges). If the item is more worn or damaged ArtNewCo reserves the right to reject the return or to offer a lower amount for the exchange.

Return Amounts: The amount for refund or the amount applied to Store Credit will always be based on the exact amount you paid for the item at time of purchase (for example, if it was on sale when you purchased it you are entitled to refund or exchange/Store Credit amounts based on that discounted sale price and not the regular price). Refund/Exchange/Store Credit amounts also do not change should a returned/exchanged product be offered later at a different price by ArtNewCo for any reason – whether a future price is larger or smaller, your Store Credit will be based on the price you paid for each item at time of purchase.

Registration: You must create an account on ArtNewCo in order to eligible for the Returns program. Users purchasing art items without registration are still eligible for the 100% refund with written notice to ArtNewCo within 48 hour and return within 5 days if the item received it not consistent with the description and photographs – for this option you must contact us from the same email as you used when checking out of the ArtNewCo Store.

Taxes: For any returns on which you paid sales tax, you will also be credited the proportional amount of sales tax to your account.

You are responsible for the entirety of costs to return any item(s) – packing and shipping, or more likely a local drop-off at our office or at an agreed upon location.

ArtNewCo reserves the right to cancel the trade-in policy if it believes a customer is abusing the privilege (such customers would be notified in advance).

ArtNewCo may be willing to provide Art for Lease on friendly terms – such as for decorating a house for staging, decorating a space for a special event, having a rotating art display, or other reasons to desire short- or limited-term uses of ArtNewCo art. Please contact us if you are interested to discuss this.

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